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Now offering outage management for the spring outage season & providing quality assessments to help improve your business. 

About Us

Power Plant Assessments

Providing quality assessments around safety, environmental, operations, maintenance, business management, NERC compliance, SOX compliance, and all aspects of the business of running a successful power plant

Quality Reports

Producing factual reports with open and honest feedback that will help your plant become even more successful

Veteran Owned

Veteran owned and operated by a founder that has 25 years experience in the industry

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What We Offer

Our services include due diligence, pre audit reviews, improvement inspections, post incident investigations, and general assessments tailored to your request. We also offer training for operators and project management as our schedule allows.

Types of plants

We specialize in Power Plant Assessments for Coal, Natural Gas, Waste  to Energy, Combined Cycle and Simple Cycle. But are open to helping with any type of industry that needs a fresh set of eyes


"Their assessment will give you honest and open feedback that will allow you to make good business decisions and great improvements."

Current Pricing

Locally, we are offering one free initial assessment for each company to show you what we can do for your business. 

Pricing varies by plant type and location.

How it works

Power Plant Assessments usually take 1 to 2 weeks depending on the size of the plant. Small plants can be completed in as few as 3 days. An initial report out will be given to management prior to leaving the site. The official hard copy of the report will be ready the following week.

Something you need to know

Our company is focused on safety and conducts every assessment with that in mind as its number one priority. We maintain a great history of safe work practices. Insured and Safe.

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